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All Chess Coaching Membership Levels receive the courses needed to become Preptorial Certified Chess Coaches, often within a week. All levels also get access to our network of millions of members, students, schools and Creators! MANY more benefits will be offered to ALL coaches, FREE -- Preptorial is a US NonProfit dedicated to helping Chess Coaches teach motivated but underprivileged students through their practices, programs, clubs and schools via ONLINE resources we provide EVERY Chess Coach in our Network, at all membership levels.
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Upgraded Intermediate Coaches receive additional ONLINE TOOLS for teaching large groups of students with their OWN courses, quizzes, and unique curriculum. Preptorial helps you launch your courses and programs at every step of the way, with innovative online chess teaching technologies. You can offer these courses on your own website, as well as install them globally at clubs and schools in our network as well as locally and online. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR COACHING MEMERSHIP PLAN, THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
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Advanced Coaches have set their sites on starting their own Chess Schools and Clubs, or installing complete, turnkey Online Chess Learning Centers at either physical or online schools and school systems. In addition to courses, Advanced Coaches can offer their own membership levels, and have the option of creating, with Preptorial's help, complete Chess School Systems including texts, e-books, printables, curricula, interactive video, podcasts, webinars, software, online tournaments, and much more!
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