One hour Chess Coaching Session with Tommy by The Preptorial Foundation

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Hi, I'm Tommy Halstead! I work with The Preptorial Foundation and to help Chess Coaches succeed. Whether you're just becoming a Chess Coach, or a seasoned pro who has been teaching for decades, our FREE coaching, support and services can help your practice succeed in ways you might never have imagined! We work with brand new 13 year old Coaching prodigies as well as 70 year old Grandmasters! We don't help you PLAY chess, we help you COACH chess! CLICK HERE to see some of the topics we'll cover on our video call together.

One hour Chess Coaching Session with Tommy

Click to get started! We'll send you a thank you, then contact you via chat and email to schedule our session. We can connect on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or just a cell phone if you wish. Click HERE to see a little of what we'll cover, but the session is personalized, so we'll cover whatever is needed most to help your Coaching practice succeed! Our priority is helping you take advantage of the many FREE tools available to you as well as thousands of potential new customers in our network!

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